Unable to create SQlite DB connection

I am trying to connect uipath to SQLite dB but i am not able to find custom activities to create the connection. can anyone please help me with Uipath and SQLite connection as i am not able to establish connection using Database activities. I have downloaded activities from manage packages given by “Thiago Minhaqui Oechsler” but in order to use this activities there is a dependency of System.data.SQLite.


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Can you check below for your reference

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Download Driver for SQLite (v2 or v3, 32 or 64 Bit) from this location. Example: This is the 64 Bit driver


Open this file in Administrator Mode to install the driver

Next, create an ODBC DSN on your machine depending on the version (32 or 64) via the Control panel

Specify the path to your SQLite Database when creating the DSN


In UiPath Studio, you will need to pull in the Database Activites Pack in your project


This is how a Simple activity looks to run a Query on SQLite.


Just to clarify that this works, here is the output. The query runs on a table named “test”. There is only one record in this table and the output indicates that it works.



I hope this helps.

Andy thank you for your suggestion. I have tried all the steps as you have mentioned but i am still getting this error. If you can help me with this it would be great help.

Thank You

Some things to check:
Did you install the driver using Admin mode?
And is your ODBC Manager 32 bit or 64 bit?

One of the reasons for this to come up is that your ODBC Driver Manager is having trouble loading one of the connection entries installed on your computer. Some third party connectors such as those for MySQL or even the SQLite Connector might be the cause (if you installed it recently).

One way is to see if you can start this in the Admin mode. If not you may have to reinstall or remove the faulty connector.