Embed SQLite in UiPath Robot

Hi All,
Do you have any working example of using SQLite database?

Solved: I created new set of custom activities to work with SQLite (connection, Execute Query/NonQuery/Insert…). Can be closed.

Did standard db activities not work?
One would think they should…

@andrzej.kniola standard Database Connect activity has < ProviderName > as required parameter. Installing a provider for SQLite on the machine running the robot defeats the purpose of having the database “embedded” within the workflow. I selected SQLite based on several criteria, database being “embedded” is one of them among but not all: persistent storage (NOT in memory), ability to use SQL or similar DML, price.
But again, since I am still learning, if you have a working example for using SQLite please let me know / send me the link to it.

I have found this very useful: Property grid extensibility - WF sample - .NET Framework | Microsoft Learn
And of course the tutorials
About Libraries


Would you be willing to share your code for the custom activities? I am also trying to connect uipath to a local SQLite .db, for persistent storage.

Hi @Tiramisu Unfortunately I cannot do this since I work for a company and they own all IP for my work. I will however help you build something similar, just ask the questions.
But if it is only for persistent storage (e.g. no DML over data) I highly recommend to consider .xlsx files.

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That’s very kind of you. I am working though this guide

but if I would run into problems then I will surely return here.

So update. I have a simple but functional SQLite nuget package for use in UiPath. I don’t know when I will get around to upload it but if anyone is urgently in need I will hurry up. I can share source code and .nupkg package as well.



I would love to see this nuget package!

Hope you can post it.


can you the source code and .nupkg?