Unable to copy Excel file

I am trying to replicate the StudioX training automation of UiPath Starter but stuck on the copy file activity.
Kindly check this training video (from 10:32):


When I try to replicate this, copying Excel file activity returns the following error:

Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users***\OneDrive\Documents\UiPath\CurrencyConverter\Report.xlsx.

Exception type: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundExceptioin

Note: the *** is just me anonymizing my PC username. Also that folder actually exists.

This issue is really winding me up. I am using 64-bit Office 2019, 64-bit Windows.

Can you please try to use another path than the one under OneDrive? If that is the folder that gets synchronized with onedrive maybe it has something to do with that. Please try another path and let me know how it goes


I have tried to change the path but no joy. It seems UiPath choose OneDrive as default location when saving files. Iā€™m sure i read about this somewhere. I am struggling to opt out of the OneDrive location.

just move by hand the report.xlsx file to another location and then change the path in the activity to the file.


I have sorted that bit out now. When I looked thoroughly, I noticed I had not created an Output folder where the copied file should go into. I created this Output folder and the automation executed and returned no errors. Thanks.


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