How to Copy Excel file from one folder to another folder

I want to Copy my Excel file from one folder to another folder.
I have stored Excel File name with path in Argument (Generic Value)

Also I have stored destination folder (which always created newly) path in Argument



So as per this argument name i have used below activity, but it is not thrown any error nor process correctly.

I guess you are working within a newer Version 2019.xx

In such cases it is helpfully to set a breakpoint on the different places, do debugging and prototype the statements within the watch panel

put some log messages and pint from value and to values wther u r getting valid paths or not .

Please try the below : for the copy File .

Source : D:/Uipath/source.xlsx

Destination : E:/Uipath/ Dest.xlsx

The Source had destination should have the complte path till .xlsx