Click on a Column based on the other column value from Data Scraping in Web Application

Hi All,

Am working on a use case.

I need to search a service number in CRM application, it will have ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ status for same service number.

As am getting more than results, have tried to scrape the result data and find the status column with value “Active”. Then need to click on corresponding row on the first column.

Sample as below (When I search in the application)

1234567891 ABCDEFGH Inactive
1234567891 HJKLMNOP Active

Any help would be much appreciated here.


hi @SuryanarayanaMatta

use get attribute activity you will get the difference between the active and inactive rows.


Hi Ajju,

Am able to fetch only ‘Active’ row now, but unable to click on the respective row. As the selector is static as below unable to click on ‘Active’ row, instead it’s clicking on ‘Inactive’ row.

How to achieve that with dynamic selectors?

Selector is below.
<html app='chrome.exe' title='Siebel Web Call Center Home' /> <webctrl id='phoneGridDataTable' tag='TABLE' /> <webctrl idx='1' tag='TD' />


For each active value Find the selectors which contains the row and column attribute.

Once you scrap the table iterate through the table and get the row and column value from the table using for each

Then pass the row and calumn value inside selector… Same selector you can used to click

I am sure you will not understand what i am explaining… But if you give url to that website then i can help

Thanks for your kind assistance Ajju.

Am able to achieve the solution.

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