Unable to clear Calculate Client Security Hash Assignment

Can anyone please help me to clear Calculate Client Security Hash Assignment 1.
I have build the solution and it is working fine at my end but after uploading the solution for check, its not clearing.

Please suggest some good reference to get the solution done successfully.

login in ACME System 1 and then Just Follow this link and click Reset Test Data

Happy Automation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Already tried but no luck!

Hi @gkumar

Completed doesn’t mean it’s correct, check below link…

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I tried the suggested way and I am not getting the same Hash value although it looks that the formula I have used looks same as you suggested.

Please look…

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Oh sorry, in this their is space issue, anyway I have fixed it and cross checked the results via the method you have suggested.
I have re-submitted the assignment and hope I will get it cleared.

Many thanks !

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Hi @gkumar, @Mohammad_AL-jaafreh Were you able to resolve this issue can you please shared the evaluation assignment link where i cam check what error i am getting please hepl me in getting my result

Thanks in advance


I am not able to get the result Calculate Client Hash Assignment. I uploaded it yesterday but not getting the result ye. What to do?

Dear All,

I am facing the very same issue. The workflow works fine on my end, I check the work items, all completed and hash also generated correctly (no spaces, brackets whatsoever between Clien ID, name & country). I do NOT reset test data, compress my complete project folder in a .zip file, no password protection.

After having reuploaded I just dont get any results (its not that I get a ‘Failed’ evaluation, i dont get an evaluation at all). Academy support removes my upload upon request and keeps asking me to reupload and not resetting test data (=very helpful pieces of advice).

Any idea on this?