Unable to change position of shape in powerpoint


I am working on a project where I need to generate a PPT from excel file.
I need to paste some data from excel to PPT and resize that to fit properly.
I was trying to change the size of the shape from layout tab. But, as soon I am clicking on layout tab using uipath the shape getting deleted. It sounds very strange. I am not able to find any work around. Kindly help.


Are you able to use shortcut keys? I haven’t done much PPT automation, alternative could be to run a basic macro to create what you need? or a template rather than trying to create using the robot?


Hi RD,

I did not find any shortcut to change size and position.
I can use VBA in excel and do the job. But, what is the purpose of using UiPath.
I have attached a simple project. I am just trying to copy the excel table into powerpoint slide and resize the object. But, i am not able to figure out a way using Uipath.
Any help will be appreciated.

PPTAutomation.zip (138.2 KB)


Few points here

  1. You should always use the best tool for the job (although sometimes using VB.net instead of VBA is a viable option)
  2. UiPath was not designed to specifically automate PowerPoint so not sure what you mean by “what is the point of using UiPath”
  3. If you really insist on doing this then using activities such as click text and click image will get the job done for you. I did this in Excel previously due to lack of options and it works well.


I don’t know if this will help but Office applications all have key combinations that can be used to access all the menu items on the ribbon.

If you press the Alt key you’ll notice the keys you can press to navigate all the options.

Therefore, by using these key combinations in a TypeInto activity you can set the different formatting options.

TypeInto “[k(alt)]jdsz”
The above example will get you to the Format Shape properties. You might also find the Selection Pane useful.

Atleast to me, I find this more useful than trying to click different images and stuff.

Good luck!