Unable to authenticate orchestrator through API

I am using cloud orchestrator.as per 2019 orchestrator guide, I am trying to authenticate orchestrator through restful API by giving below request. But i am getting “invalid credentials” error. Suggest me where i did wrong and advice me the steps to get the token.

URL used: https://platform.uipath.com/takedwgabamq/TakedaDefault/swagger/hi/index#/

Method :post

Headers: Content-Type and user-Agent
Value : application/json

Body raw:

“UsernameOrEmailAddress”: “stalin.ramadoss@takeda.com
“tenancyName” : “TakedaDefault”
“Password”: “********”

welcome to uipath Community
—kindly check once with the username and password if your tenant
And even tenant name
Cheers @Stalin_R

hi palaniyappan,

Me and my team tried with all of our credential. But could not athendicate. Can you help me. I am from chennai. If we connect it’s really helpful for me. My number:7010412359. We are in starting phase of the project. Need to start with API.Once Service now ticket raise. Service now guy will trigger a robot from orchestrator using api. Here we are struggling. Need your help.