Unable to activate buttons on Adobe Acrobat XI

Does anyone know if there is an issue selecting buttons (like Open) using a click activity on Acrobat ?

Hi @bnadler004

If it is a selector issue, could you try different methods in Ui Explorer to find your selector?

None of those make any difference.

Try this?

  1. Click “Edit” in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and choose “Preferences”
  2. In the Preference-window, choose “Page Display” under Categories to the left
  3. At the bottom of the Page there is a section called “Reference XObjects View Mode”. There is an option there called “Show reference xObject targets”. This option is probably not set to “Always”. Set it to “Always” and click ok.
  4. This solved the problem for me and may do the trick for you as well.

Was this for Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat? I’m using Acrobat not Reader.