Unable to access RPA Foundation Course


I successfully completed the test for RPA Foundation Course, however after this iam unable to access the course, neither the content nor the test results.
Someone please advice

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Go to your home and check your activities or go with course catalog and try again.
check your emails. They may be send you a link to download your certificate.


Thank you for the response, Truly Appreciate it however Iam yet to complete the certification. I completed the Foundation Course 1 test and need to complete Cours 2 & 3 before certification. The issue is Iam uable to access the Course 1 Content neither the topics nor the test results. Please advice

For your ease…firstly enroll to the Rap Developer - Advanced Learning plans.
(if you done above one already please ignore these)
After, inside that you can see the activities what you have done. if you complete the the courses you can see them in there with green ticks.
you get only one certificate for above two.
And said about your certificate there is a help desk in forum… Go there and get a ticket.
or else go to contacts and send your problem to uipath team.


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