Unable Insert the data in Excel into Microsoft Access Database (oledb)

Hi all,
I have Tried to into the bulk of data from Excel into Microsoft Access DB. But i got the below Error,
Sample :Excel Data
Order Name Count
356 Jayavignesh 2
245 Jayaganesh 4
675 Moni 10

But i got the below Error:
Insert Syntax error (Missing Operator) in Query expression ‘Order’

Kindly help me to get this Fixed asap.

Thanks in advance,
Jayavignesh G

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Pls check once with the query Statement used

There is a operator or a symbol missing or improperly used

Have a view on it and first try manually running that script

Cheers @Jayavignesh_G

I have Seen all no Error.

We need need to enter any “Insert Query” for this one ??
[Insert into Table_name Values (" ", " “,” ")

I have Checked this Video : Insert Data from DataTable to MS Access Table in UiPath | Insert Bulk Data in MS Access in UiPath - YouTube

Hello @Palaniyappan

Was this one ever solved? I have the exact same issue and cannot seem to find the correction. xaml and sample excel file are attached. screenshot of DB in Access is below.

Main.xaml (5.7 KB)
TimeSheet.xlsx (8.4 KB)


Hi @luke.etnier @Jayavignesh_G

For this just include the [Square Bracket] in the column name if any space is involved in the column name

For example - Week Start Date should be passed as [Week Start Date]