UK Date Formats in Excel


I’ve hit a major issue formatting dates in Excel using the InvokeVBA activity.

My automation has this workflow:

  1. Open a CSV file
  2. Save as an Excel XLSX workbook
  3. Open the Excel workbook
  4. Format the date column data as dd/MM/yyyy using some vba and InvokeVBA activity.

The date format is listed in Excel as dd/MM/yyyy but when I compare the dates in the spreadsheet with the dates in the CSV, I can see that the format is actually: MM/dd/yyyy.

My vba code which is invoked by the InvokeVBA activity is:

The CSV dates look like this:

The resulting Excel Spreadsheet dates look like this (note the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dates in US format when compared with the CSV and the first date marked by Excel as invalid):

The Excel date format settings are:

What is the best way to format dates in Excel as UK and have them actually formatted as UK Dates if that makes sense?

Many thanks in advance!

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We had the same issue in our automations.

The timestamp in Excel somehow defaults to the time format of your machine. I’m saying this because one of our Macros malfunctioned when run by our counterparts in UK causing the Robot to fail. It could not find the files that were normally date-stamped “MMddyyyy” because the dates read from the Excel had fallen back on the UK format with timestamps changed to ddMMyyyy despite being set to US formats in the Macro.

We got over it by setting the Machine time zone to US EST.

Excel VBA is not my expertise, but you may have to retain the dates in natural string format as long as they are in the Excel and do the actual conversion to the UK format at the point of use.

Not to forget the nasty logic bugs it can cause because both, 10/08/2021 and 08/10/2021 are valid dates and can push results into a wrong quarter if one date is interpreted as the other.

Hopefully other Excel/VBA Experts can help you out here on the forum.

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