UiPathTeam.Salesforce.ExtensionPackage.Activities in "windows" compatability

We have been using UiPathTeam.Salesforce.ExtensionPackage.Activities package in our automations. Thanks to the UiPathTeam at Internal Labs. However, this package is available only in “legacy” compatibility mode but not in “windows”. Would like to learn if there is a way how we can take the existing “legacy” Salesforce.ExtensionPackage. package and convert it to “windows” package on our own? I am aware that having access to the code base would be a straight forward way. Or, if Internal Labs has any plans to release a “windows” version of the package.

I don’t modify the package in the last 2 years and because of some problems with code, I don’t want to modify it anymore.
If you want the code give me Email at cristian.negulescu@uipath.com or cnegulescu@gmail.com and I will provide you the code.

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