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I have the cell position stored in a variable… Please explain how to write values into the cell when the cell position is stored in a variable.

Hi @NithyaRaji

Can you explain little more actually what you are trying to do ??

Just give an Eg that what will be the input n what you are expecting as output …

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Hy @NithyaRaji,

Try the following:
Inside the ‘Excel Application Scope’, use the write cell activity:


You can pass the range as a string variable.
Is it clear for you?
Any questions please let me know.


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Yes, Thanks!

Hy @NithyaRaji,

Very glad I could help, please mark my answer as a solution.

It helps me!

Thank you

@Pratik_Wavhal @William_Blech_Sister

I have an another question,

I have the “name”, “Date” and the “hours” worked, stored in 3 different variables.

For eg, from the attached screenshot, I have stored
“Priyatham” in a variable called “Name”
“1/5” (date) in a variable called “Date”
“PTO” is the content stored in a variable called “Leavetype”

Now I want to search for the name “Priyatham” in the sheet and go to the column with date 1/5 and update the cell value as “PTO”.

from the screenshot,

it should change from “Off” to “PTO”

Hy @NithyaRaji,

Please create a new post on this subject and tag me so I can take a look, ok?


sure william… Thanks

ok @NithyaRaji, standing by for you to TAG me.

Already working on the answer :slight_smile:
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