Editing a cell value using variables

@William_Blech_Sister I have the “name”, “Date” and the “hours” worked, stored in 3 different variables.

For eg, from the attached screenshot, I have stored
“Priyatham” in a variable called “Name”
“1/5” (date) in a variable called “Date”
“PTO” is the content stored in a variable called “Leavetype”

Now I want to search for the name “Priyatham” in the sheet and go to the column with date 1/5 and update the cell value as “PTO”.

for example, from the below table, it should change from “Off” to “PTO”

I am new to UIpath, kindly help me with a detailed solution.

Hy @NithyaRaji,

Inside an ‘Excel Application Use’ activity the ‘LookUp Range’ Activity twice to find both the ‘Name’ and the ‘Date’. You must get the Row Number from the ‘Name’ Address and the Column Letter from the ‘Date’ Address. Combine them and them use a write cell activity to update your excel file.

I am working on a sample file I will edit this post shortly with it

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Hy @NithyaRaji

Please have a look at my workflow
Any questions please let me know.

Excel_Get_Address_Row_Column_Test.zip (29.0 KB)

Please mark my answer as a solution :slight_smile:

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I am sorry, forgot to mention, i need it to work in google spreadsheet.

Hy @NithyaRaji,

That´s a big thing you missed to tell me :slight_smile:

Please have a look at this custom package, have a look at it, if you need some more help please let me know.


I totally understand… sorry about that!
I have tried to a certain extent, i was even able to obtain the row index and column index and i did concatenated those too. But the thing is, The rowIndex value came from “Lookup data table” is 6 but the actual row index value is 8. Something has went wrong somewhere and i am unable find the issue. I have got an idea from your previous solution, will try for one more time and let you know if it still doesn’t work. Thanks for your quick help!

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