From .txt to excel but comma separates cell and semicolon shifts a row

Hi there,
I have a .txt file with a bunch of messy texts, are there any ways using UiPath I can put all texts exists between 2 commas together in one cell, and that the subsequent text is in the cell right next to it, with the line separation at semicolons.

it should look something like this:

Hello @Ben_siu

You can use Generate datatable activity i
Or Text to column activity.

UiPath- Text to DataTable |Generate DataTable & Text to Columns activities


Hi @Ben_siu yes you can do it but first replace the text that in double comma with single comma, then use generate data table activity by separator comma. You will find the result.

Hope you understand .


thanks for the reply,
but how about the semicolon in the text? Is it possible to specify a line break at semicolon?

Yes, we can provide the delimiter.


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