UIPATh with PDF24


I need some help with my Robot,

Is it posibile to do a while loop with the down arrow key till nothing is happining anymore:

For your knowlege here is what i mean:

So here you can see a list of PDfs, and i wanna do the same acitivity for every Document in here but the quantity of the documents are dynamic.

So i wanna do a While loop, till the down arrow key isnt doing anything anymore

Hi @Beere_Plays
please elaborate more what you are doing and what you want to do? where these files are present?


I wanna right click every File in there,

i Use the programm PDF24

but the thing is, i need the Text file that is created by this tool, but when i auto save this Data, i will receive a PDF file which isnt working for me, so for every data in there i need a right click and a “Show Text file” button.


so when there are more than one files i wanna push the down arrow key to get the next file and do the same for it