Unable to read all pdf files

Dear Guys,

I am not able to get and read all pdf in a file.

They can only read the 1st and 3rd file and ignore the 2nd file,

Please advise, thanks!


Hi @kristse121,
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Please give us more details. We don’t know how your workflow looks etc.

Dear Pablito,

Nice to meet you!

Thanks for your reply, pls see my flow, thanks

There are in total 3 pdf in the input files however the robot can only get the text from the first and third file.

I would like to mention that this happens on my another pc’s Uipath Studio and installed the PDF package again. Will this be one of the possible cause?


The 2nd file is probably picture then?
Try to read if with Read PDF with OCR activity and tell us if there is any result

I agree with @srdjan.suc. Content of this one pdf can be just an image embedded inside to pdf file and this would be the reason why you can’t see any text from it.


Thanks for your reply,

The second file is also a pdf, and it is generated from word…


Are you able to open this pdf file and mark any single word or is it marking whole object?

Does it have any pictures inside of it?
can you enter the pdf and select word by word?

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There is no pic inside.

I generated all pdfs in the same method…


Try this:

  1. Read PDF File and select only the one that is not reading
  2. Write to file < to see if you get something

Maybe there is something wrong with your counters, since I just looked at your screenshots

I have tried to swap the order of files in this folders.

However, they are not able to read the one in second position…><


Anyway that you can share that pdf?
Maybe in private message if you are not comfortable to share it here

As I am a new user I am not able to upload attachment…


Anything I can do alternatively?


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