Uipath web selector

Is their a mapping of web selectors attributes with website

For example, how attribute of html web elements constitutes aaname in UiPath? What is the precedence of the combination of attributes that are used for forming the selector?

Hi @jihes84264

The aaname attribute stands for Active Accessibility Name, you can find more information here:

How Active Accessibility Works - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

For web attributes please check the following link about techniques to make sites accessible, you can identify which attributes are picked to extract the aaname property.

WebAIM: Quick Reference - Web Accessibility Principles


I have seen more attributes being used than what are mentioned, although some attributes are ignored. What is the logic for the same.
For example, tabindex is not specified in the official documentation, but is captured in the uipath explorer, similarly their are some attributes which are not captured. How does UiPath decide these?