New to Uipath, What does 'aaname' in selector does and why it's present sometimes and not sometimes,

I tried select a uielement and comes up aaname in the selector editor and want to know what it is and it’s functionality?why it appears only in few selected uielements and why highlight shows two highlighted boxes as shown in attached

picture, thank you for your help.

Hi @Sudhir_P.

Check this out About Selectors

Please go through all the contains inside selector tab.


  • When selects an elements using UiPath it provides different attributes to identify it. One of the attribute is aaname (Attribute name) is the name of the element on which you want to perform an action

  • Generally, humans identifies other humans correctly with their names. Similar to that UiPath correctly identifies element without any issues (most of the cases) with this aaname

  • Three are cases where aaname does not present in the selector because of the application type (might be). Such cases we have to work with other attributes such as inner text, tag etc

  • At last, you were saying on the same element it has highlighted two times. This will not create any issue though

I really appreciated for your clear explanation, thank you.

thank you and i will go thorough it.

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