Uipath.Web.Activities Package is not available in Manage Packages section in Uipath Studio

I am using the Uipath community edition version: 2019.10.1. I was trying to install the UiPath.Web.Activities from manage Packages/All packages but unable to find any package. Is the package is obsolete now? is there any other equivalent package to invoke rest api.

Hi @Soumalya_Mondal

Search with manage package uipath.webapi.activities


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Cheers @Soumalya_Mondal

Hello @kommijeevan There is no such activities in the manage packages section

can you please share the your package manager settings image?

check include prerelease

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Thanks @Palaniyappan In my settings package manager settings myget.org source was missing . I have included that in my settings. Now I found the Uipath.web.activities.

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Hi @Soumalya_Mondal

Can you share the screenshot of manage packages settings window plz?

I am facing the same issue

Thank you for your prompt reply. Now the problem is solved

Screenshot of settings tab plz…

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