UiPath.Web.Activities Include as Standard Package

Hello UiPath,

communication via web interfaces is very important in enterprise environments. Therefore I use your great UiPath.Web.Activities package. So that it is always available and does not need to be loaded additionally, I propose to include it in the standard installation.

Thanks and best regards

Hi @StefanSchnell

Did you know you can create custom templates?

Simply start new process, add whatever dependencies you wish to have and then save the project as template. You can then create processes by using this template :slight_smile:

I’ll move the suggestion outside of the Ideas category for now, given the functionality is kind of already there :slight_smile:
(unless you’ll manage to convince me otherwise :smiley: )


Hello Maciej,
thank you very much for this hint. No, I don’t know this possibility until now. :slightly_smiling_face:
Best regards

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