How to make activities from new packages available for every new project/process?

How can I install new activity packages (e.g. Computer Vision) in such a way that the new activities will be available whenever I create a new process?

I have looked here but have still not figured it out.

E.g. when i create a new process and go to Manage Packages, add Computer Vision, the new activities appear…but when i start a new process, the activities are gone again…

Thank you for help.

Hi @MW23

You can install computer vision activities by following the below steps

  1. Uninstall UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities.
  2. Install again Uipath UIAutomation Activities v19.2.0
  3. Add the beta feed **** in Package Manager > Settings >User defined packag
  4. After adding the above feed in User Defined Package, the feed name will be displayed under All Packages
  5. Go to the Feed name, that was recently created and check IncludePrerelease and install UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities package

Hope this will help you,


I think i have done all that you said before when going through the tutorial for Computer Vision.


However, …as you can under Dependencies for the BlankProcess2…Computer Vision Activities are not listed…so i always have to manually add whatever packages i want for a new process or project. and that is inconvenient. And i am sure there is a way how to automatically include packages (that i want that i use often) every time i create a new process…and that’s what i want to know.

Hi @MW23

It is possible via templates :slight_smile:
You can create a new project and then save it as a template from your ribbon. You will then have that project with its dependancies available in Studio upon creation of new project.


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