How does UiPath Compare to Zapper and Flow?


Does anyone have experience using Zapper/MS Flow? They have a lot of ways to connect to other applications, MailChimp/GoToWebinar/SalesForce, but I find the interface limiting when comparing to UiPath. There isn’t much in error handling, for example, if you are trying to add an email to MailChimp and the email already exists there isn’t a way for Zapper/Flow to handle the error message.

I would be interested to learn about any success stories.

Hi @joesparty

Give our free Academy courses a go (starting with Foundation) and see for yourself :slight_smile:

My guess is that you will be amazed :smiley:

Hi @loginerror,

I have started the Academy up to chapter 4. Will it explain how to connect to apps like MailChimp/GotoWebinar/Salesforce?

I suppose not directly, but it should give you the perfect idea of what is possible with UiPath (quite a lot).

On top of that, you can always see our marketplace for solutions that will suit your needs. See here, search term “salesforce”:

Late reply here :), but I think that UiPath can help automate where a Zapier, IFTTT, etc automation recipe falls short. I think this project gives an interesting view of the possibilities w/ UiPath and Flow (or automation squared as the author calls it!)

@joesparty how’s your automation journey coming along?

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@Joe_Edwards thanks for the info. I’ve had 2 successful, thanks to the community, projects using Ui. I’m still working towards my certification using the academy and hoping to complete my Sept.

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