UiPath vs AutoIT

Hi Experts:
May I ask some differences between UiPath and AutoIT ?
Because some people always talk about AutoIT can do all automations of Uipath.
For me , I perfer uipath than poor AutoIT.
But we need strong advices to tell some people that always say autoit is good.
thanks for your advices.

AutoIT Demo for web automation:https://youtu.be/sA5DH1gYah0

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Hi @irol

Hmm… first time I’m hearing about a tool called AutoIT. Would like to learn more on this and to see what makes people say that…

Interesting topic…


Its hard to compare the two as one is purely Basic Scripting, whereas UiPath has the access of a GUI / workflow drag and drop.

In principle yes, AutoIt can do most of the things UiPath can do but it is freeware which makes its functionality alot less advanced.

This is an article I read a long time ago that does a comparison of the two programming styles.


hello @irol

I am also hearing the first time about tools AutoIT. let explore it



Hi @Lahiru.Fernando , @sandeep13
see here ,thanks. ^^