UiPath - VMWare Horizon stopped working?

Hello everyone!

I am kinda new with UiPath. I just started learning recently, and I came to an obstacle the other day.

Here is what happened.

I am using for now the UiPath Studio Pro Community edition 2020.4.1

I wanted to record an desktop app on VMWare Horizon.

I started UiPath, Sequence … Recording > Native Citrix, and all went well.

I could get the selectors from the VMWare Horizon app, and manipulate them in my Studio.

Then the next day I got an error about the Remote Runtime for Vmware.

I read the doc and it is pointed out that I need to have that installed on the remote machine in order UiPath to work with that machine

But, HOW it could work the previous day without that installation, and now suddenly it needs it?

Unfortunately, I cannot install anything on the remote machine.

So, can someone explained to me how I managed to get UiPath Studio to record and now it cannot?

Btw, I can still run the UiPath on the remote machine without the need of installing the Remote Runtime. So it fills in the fields. This is also puzzling. I can insert data, but I cannot retrieve selectors?