About UiPath Remote Runtime for Vmware Horizon

Hi ,
Need download link for remoteruntime.msi for enabling Vmware extension on horizon servers.
The link mentioned above leads to enterprise edition download page where remoteruntime is available only for Citrix environments.

Kindly Help if any link to download a dev version of remote runtime available.



I don’t know if you still need this but just in case, here’s the link for VMWare extension: https://docs.uipath.com/studio/v2020.4/docs/extension-for-vmware-horizon

Please keep in mind that this is packaged with the 2020.4 release which is currently under development and available in community preview. The enterprise release will be available by the end of April.

Thanks for the response.
I have been through the link and it has been helpful.
I understand that the studio component of the Vmware extension is available in latest community preview , however i am looking for the remote runtime component ( like citrix) for apps native on Vmware desktop.
I think that will be available once we have the enterprise release of 2020.4 version . is there any development version of runtime component for Vmware available for download.

Thanks again,

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