UIPath Version Update

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Can someone send me a link on where can I download updates for my UIPath Studio? Tried searching the internet but can’t find anything.



You have to download UIpath studio from UIpath site only.

Uninstall previous version of UIpath and install new one.


UiPAth Studio should update automatically.
Launch your UiPath Studio, got to Help, and check your Update Channel whether its Stable of Beta.

Hi @HalmiNordin,

Here’s the only thing I see when I go to Help.


For Enterprise Edition, we don’t have option to update channel.

Download latest version of studio from UIpath site and it’s 2019.4. If you want previous version you can contact UIpath support team and they will send you previous version download link.

Hi @lakshman,

Do you have a link for that my friend? Thanks!


You can register here and download latest version of UIPath studio.

Is there any documentation on upgrading Enterprise studio and core UiPath “office” packages and any dependencies on which version of Enterprise Orchestrator you’re using? For activity packs (core and ui automation) I’m assuming those packages shouldn’t be upgraded till studio gets upgraded and had heard that Enterprise only gets upgraded twice a year?

Hi @ALalla917

There is some documentation for each component, see example for Studio here:

Since 2018.4, the activity packages are decoupled from the Studio version. This makes it completely possible to use latest UiAutomation or System activity packages with Studio 2018.4 :slight_smile:
This is why since 2018.4 each project has its own dependencies saved in the project.json file.

It is possible to mass update dependencies of your project using the Mass Update Tool, see here:

Hello @loginerror

Although there seems to be a dependency on the Orchestrator Library, correct? In other words, the activity packages would also need to be updated in Orchestrator, since it’s decoupled? Are there any additional “best practices” etc… for Enterprise vs community with regards to this or additional documentation

Could you clarify what do you mean by the dependency on the Orchestrator Library?

The decouple only means that Studio itself will work irregardless of activity packages that are installed. Before 2018.3, there was an activity package called Core which was necessary for Studio to work. This activity was therefore decoupled from Studio and turned into two other activity packages - UiAutomation and System. After 2018.3, it is possible to not have any activity packages installed and still have Studio work and execute a process. You will notice, however, that when you uninstall UiAutomation package, you will not have some recording options available on the ribbon:


As to the technicalities, those activity packages come from the official UiPath nuget feed:

I believe that as long you keep that feed part of your projects, the activities will get downloaded.

Hi @loginerror,

Do you have any link where I can update my Enterprise edition - Studio to the latest one? Having trouble managing packages since my Studio is outdated. Your help will be truly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @lakshman
I have uninstall the old version and installed new version but, when Install the robot and install, it goes back to old version.
Can you please help me to resolve it.


After uninstllating, have you downloaded new version from UIpath studio or not ?

If you downloaded latest one how it will go to previous version ?

I guess you installed again older one.

No, Installed version is new, 19.5.0, old was 19.2.0. Don’t know why it’s openning in old version.


ok. uninstall now and delete uipath appData folder and then install it again.

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Thank you, it worked

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Using cloud Enterprise Orchestrator. Let’s say UiPath Studio is not loaded onto the vdi where the unattended automation is running. Then for any dependencies; Orchestrator 2018.4.1 I believe uses the packages it has in it’s own library - correct? Assumption is that these packages need to be the same version as the ones the automation is running- correct? If so, how do those get updated?

Hi All,

I need link to download UiPath.Studio 2018.4.3 version. Can any one help me ?

Thanks for the your time.


Hi @samgvel

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

You can get the latest version from here: