How to update uipath studio Enterprise Edition 2018.2.3 to the latest Version

Hi All
What is the Procedure to update UiPath Studio to the latest Version .


Hi @sankalp139,
Please post questions like this in RPA Developers category.

Regarding question. You need to download latest enterprise package from (Resource Center tab).

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Hi! I was wondering the same … I also had that enterprise version … did you get the last one? Could you tell me which one is?


As @Pablito said, login into and then go to Resource Center tab and you can download latest version of Uipath studio. I.e. 2109.4.4

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I thought that is only for the community version … I just was wondering the number of the version for now … thanks


just get the installer.msi for Version 2019.4.4 . This is the latest version.