UiPath v2017.1 Moonlight Installation


I have a license key for UiPath Studio. Recently my laptop was formatted and I have to reinstall all the apps again, including UiPath.

I’m trying to download the UiPath v2017.1 Moonlight release from the next link in order to install it and activate my license

Once installing UiPath Platform, when UiPath Studio is openned it seems to have installed CE version instead of Studio version:


Hi Susana,

The title is Community because no license is activated yet.
If you click on Start Free, you will get the Community Edition and each time you’ll open UiPath Studio, you’ll have to click on Continue Free.

But if you Activate License, you should be able to see the Enterprise version as before. So, did you activate your license?

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Hi @ovi,

I have not activated my license yet because I had the doubt with the trial or community version. Now, I’m going to activate it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


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But after you click on Activate, do you still get the option to use it on trial basis and also get manual activation option?

I remember it asking for key and no provision of trial…

Try this.