Uipath.uiautomation 22.10.5 is not avilable on Orchestrator or myget feed as well

Hi Team - Could someone help me with package UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 22.10.5?

My Robot fails to download it unattended. Also, I tried downloading from feed directly, howevert, it doesn’t seem to be on repo.


HI @Rahul_Lanka1

Welcome to Community!

Do you have the package in your dev enviromnent?


Thanks @Sudharsan_Ka No I don’t see it

Hi @Rahul_Lanka1

Could you please try again? I think the issue was temporary.

@loginerror - Did try this. However, this issue still persits

Strange. Although it finds it for me on both the myget feed as well as the official feed, could you please try granting your robot access to this official feed and checking again?