UiPath Tutorial - Multi-Entry Advanced Banking Automation - Part 3B

Hello again,

Following the design discussion in the Part 3A video, we move to the walkthrough of the Advanced Online Banking Automation project in Studio.
You will get to know how to build Automations with multiple entry points. The walkthrough demonstrates how the Banking application has been (almost) completely disconnected from the Integration Service Trigger and has little or no knowledge of the standard Integration service input parameters. This makes for a more relatable Banking application.

This video sets the stage for the exploration of the Integration Service Router automation that we will review in a later video.

This Part 3B video track covers the following:

  1. 00:00 - Continued from Part 3A - New protocols
  2. 02:47 - Multi-Entry Advanced Banking Automation
  3. 07:44 - Common/Shared Response Functionality
  4. 11:28 - The Account Balances Service Entry Point
  5. 14:28 - The Money Transfer Service Entry Point
  6. 18:04 - Summarizing Process & Business Functions
  7. 18:53 - To be continued …

-Andy Menon

Watch the part 3B video here: