UiPath Tutorial - Integration Service Router Automation - Part 3C

Hello Community,

Having gone through Part 3A & Part 3B of this series on building a loosely-couple Integration service pipeline, we get into the core of the concept which is to bridge the Integration Service Trigger on the input side, and the target Banking Automation on the output side with an Integration Service Router Automation.

In this episode, we look at how the Service Router automation transforms the instructions received from the Integration Service trigger (via the four standard input arguments) into Service calls that are sent to the target Banking application.

  • We move one layer up and walkthrough the code of the Integration Service Router Automation.
  • This automation is wired directly to the Integration Service Trigger and is intimately familiar with the standard Integration service input arguments.
  • In the implementation details you will get to see how this Router application receives instructions from the Trigger and translate that into relatable business service calls (such as Money Transfer or Get Account Balances)

This video will set the stage for the next episode in which we test the whole thing!

Topics for this track:

  1. 00:00 - Service Router Prerequisities
  2. 01:12 - Multi-Entry Advanced Banking Automation
  3. 08:27 - Translate Protocol to Business Service Calls
  4. 21:34 - Connect Service Router to Integration Service
  5. 22:31 - To be continued …

The code demonstrated in this video can be downloaded from here.