Build your first automation course / UiPath Academy - Resources missing


Currently I’m doing the ‘build your first automation’ course, step ‘first automation using google workspace’. The resources needed to complete the course seem to be missing.

How can I acquire these? Thanks in advance!

Hi @kamiel ,
There may be a course update, are you on the ‘RPA Citizen Developer Foundation’ course?

Sorry for not mentioning that! I am doing the ‘Automation Starter’ course.


To acquire the resources for the “Build Your First Automation” course in UiPath.

  1. Check UiPath Academy: Visit UiPath Academy ( and log in to your account.

  2. Course Page: Navigate to the “Build Your First Automation” course page.

  3. Resources Section: Look for a “Resources” section on the course page. This is where downloadable files or links to necessary resources are usually provided.

  4. Forum or Community: Check the UiPath Forum or Community for the specific course. Fellow learners often share additional resources and insights.

  5. Contact Support: If resources are still not found, reach out to UiPath support through their official channels for assistance.



If you’re facing issues with missing resources in the “Automation Starter” course, you should reach out to UiPath Support or the course instructor for assistance. They can provide the necessary resources or guide you on how to proceed with the course effectively. You can typically find support options on the UiPath website or within the learning platform.


Thanks for the replies! I contacted support.