Uipath Testing Best Practices


I am looking to dive more into details on how Testing works in Uipath and what are the best practices for it.

Is it better to use:

  1. Uipath Test Suite (and the courses on Uipath Academy)
  2. DevOps CI/CD with Azure Devops. (like in this following post: CI/CD in the context of RPA)


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Let’s go one by one

Yes ofcourse it is
To Automate and centralize testing to ensure the quality of every automation and application before they go live, this test suite plays a vital role

Here you go for free trial and for white paper as well

And for this

Yes many organisations are working on this in recently to get their deployment done with devops portal
This avoids Scalability issues, keeps the package versions intact
Easy to manage the new deployment

UiPath has come with its own product as well automation ops

Have a view on this for more ideas

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Thanks a lot for the thorough insights!

Have a great day!
Cheers @Palaniyappan

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You too @Charbel1

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