Roadmap to learn uipath

I am in learning phase for UiPath. I have completed foundation training in Uipath academy.
Can anyone suggest what more trainings should I go for and what all topics should I learn.
From where can I learn about Azure DevOps for Uipath?


Hi @garimavarshney9
Well it’s great to hear that about your interest, don’t stop keep in touch :sunglasses:

If you complete your first step, now go for the “RPA Developer Advanced” course
This will bring you the throw knowledge about Uipath

As you mention seems like Azure DevOps for UipathAzure DevOps for Uipath, but I suggest before that better to complete
“RPA Implementation Manager Foundation”
“RPA Infrastructure Engineer Foundation”

so now as you requested Azure DevOps for Uipath , Follow these links

Keep learning through Acadamy everything, there is no reason to stop :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @garimavarshney9
in addition to @Maneesha_de_silva said i would like to add some points too
apart from RPA Developer Advanced, there are many courses to learn which comes in category of RPA Developer Continous Learning (you can it in academy). It contains a set of courses which may contain some little advanced topics like some advanced selectors etc which is found to be very helpful. Also they update the course from time to time so you can find to learn something new there

Hope you find this useful @garimavarshney9

Happy learning


Nived N

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always welcome :+1:

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Thanks a lot Nived. Will surely follow these courses

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