UiPath Terminal Session Integration with IBM HOD Client


I need to automate a mainframe server running on IBM HOD(Host on Demand) with a .HOD profile using terminal activities. Could someone please guide with steps to create a terminal session and what all is required for it. Thanks in advance.

Muqthar Mohammed

Hi @Muqthar_Mohammed

May you find this useful

Mainframe Automation using UiPath - YouTube


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I saw this video. The issue I have is to create a terminal session with IBM HOD application which possibly will use the IBM EHLLAPI as provider on which information is not given in the video.

I had the same issue, back in 2019.
HOD profile was not supported as per the WS Profile

However in recent Terminal Activities, version 2.01 onwards (if not mistaken)
We can opt for Direct connection to the Terminal Server using IP and Port 23 (Telnet)
This way, i do find it (and tested & deployed in production env), it is much stable and efficient.

Only drawback is that, if you need to use UI automation to click any buttons in IBM HOD application, then you need startup the application to do so.
I do recommend for alternative way to perform the button actions, if possible
either use IBM i-Series or etc

Hi @sashiraja.c

What were the properties that you set?
If possible please share the screenshot or xaml.

Hi, using the UiPath.Terminal.Activities (recommended 2.1.0 onwards)

As for the properties, this is a sample of input required for Direct Connection
This does not require for the IBM

Prior to the setup, do test out the telnet connection to the relevant ip and port
If it able to connect and project the screen from the machine, then you should not have any complications via UiPath Direct Connection