UiPath technical support SLA


What is the SLA (Service Level Agreement) defined for UiPath technical support for enterprises?


It depends on priority level you set for your ticket at the time of creating it.

May I know what happened ?

Yes, that’s what i need.
I am looking for that SLA matrix/details, so that i can put it in our RPA support model.

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Hi @yash_shah1

We created a similar one recently in our office. The SLA matrix depends on what type of priority levels you set for your support tickets, and what amount of time you are setting up for each priority level.
For example

You can have priority levels like

For each of these priority levels, define what type of scenarios each address. For example, if it is Critical level, a business scenario would be “Robot service is unusable and the company has no way of running the automation at all”. Like wise, set the levels…

Now, for each level, set the initial response time depending on your company SLA levels. for example, Critical priority level could be 15 minutes.

Now, say how frequently you will give them updates on the situation for each priority level

and lastly, specify the resolution time…

These could be specific to your company. So you have to decide what should be put in into each :slight_smile:

Hope this gives you an initial idea on how it should be created…

I cannot share exact details because it is internal info… I just gave you the basic structure on how it should be done…

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Hi Lahiru
Thanks for the details.
I do understand that it depends on business priority and scenarios but i wanted to see what is the first response SLAs (for all priorities) from UiPath support team.
Anyways you cleared that point that it is an internal info and you cannot share it.

We need to prepare a BCP where we need to say what is the SLA from uipath’s side if we have to shift license from one machine to another. What can be given as the SLA provided every details are provided from our end in the first request itself.
Also do we need the initial machine switched on to shift these license?