All items in Queue with SLAs are having "high" priority - why?

I noticed that all queue items that are added to a queue with enabled SLAs are given, by default, a “high” priority marking. Even though, I specifically set the priority to Low or Normal upon adding the item to queue…
Is it a correct behavior of Orchestrator queue? Or is it a bug?
I am not able to find information about that in UiPath
Pls help! :frowning:

By default the priority should be normal unless you set it to high

The problem is, it is not. I tried to add a Low or Normal priority item to queue and it was added with High priority anyway. That’s why I am thinking it may be a bug. Or simply I am missing some info on how this thing work…

Hello @Pawel_Maruchniak , Welcome to Uipath Community

Please check the properties of Add queue items
Priority = Normal
Dealine =

I have Priority set to Normal and added a deadline

And still, the item is added as High priority.

This is expected behavior when you have enabled SLAs on a queue a queue item that is added without a deadline will have one automatically set along with setting the priority to High regardless to what the priority was set to when adding the Queue Item.


The Priority of the items added in a queue after enabling SLA predictions is automatically set to High, regardless of how it was set in Studio or in the .csv file used for upload.

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