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Hi all,
I am trying to automate software by using Teamviewer. When I am run that sequence it is working fine, but when I run the same sequence the next day, It is showing an error that UI element cannot be able to find or it is inspecting another element.

Please help me out!

I hope the selector is dynamic
Kindly check with the selector attribute like which attribute is getting changed dynamically
And replace that with * wildcards

To check which once is getting changed choose the same element and get the selector
Close the application and again choose the same element once after reopen
Compare them so that we could find the difference in them
Cheers @Sharmila

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Make sure the title is matching with the team viewer window everyday.
If the title is dynamic (changing every day), set tile=’*’ in the selector.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @Palaniyappan
If i check the difference between both the element ,i got this error

Please the difference in title and help me out

May I know which attribute had the difference
Cheers @Sharmila

yes @Palaniyappan
The title attribute is changing
If u can see the two screenshot,
1.title-LT-006 - TeamViewer - Free license (non-commercial use only)
2.title-LT-006 - TeamViewer
This is the difference.

Awesome then mention the title like this

Cheers @Sharmila


Thanks @Palaniyappan
its working

Cheers @Sharmila

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