UiPath Team SSH Connector Activity

Hi I have a use case as below

  1. Open Putty
  2. Enter username and password
  3. Enter a command and get the results from that command.
    I used UipathTeam.ssh connector activity and able to login using ssh connection scope but when I am trying to run a command using SSH Run command but faced an error.
    Command : oc get pod
    Error message : bash: oc command not found.
    Exit code : 127

But when I ran the same command using Putty manually i got the desired result. Not sure if I am missing something or some configuratinons need to be made.

And one more thing when I just tried to run a command ls using UiPath activity I got the output . Seems like issue is with oc command. Can someone please guide on this. Thank you.


To ensure it is same session or instance…try checking the putry path both from direct putty and UiPath command

echo $PATH

If different then that might be an issue…if not use the full path to oc in comman and check