UIPath suite offline install rke2 not being installed

Hi, I’m trying to install UIPathAutomationSuite single-host evaluation, which is offline (due to air-gapped environment).
I have followed the documentation and downloaded everything.
But the installer seems to be unable to install rke2. it complains about no rke2.yml being existent (duh, it isn’t installed yet?). Then it complains that the rke2-agent isn’t a systemctl service (duh, it needs to install it?).
Then, there is no kubectl (um… no documentation or prereq told me we have to place it ourselves, so I just assume it’s shipped?)

What am I doing wrong?. It’s being installed on RHEL 8.5 though, with podman installed.
All other requirements (disks, DNS) are in place and all needed files are downloaded as well. thanks in advance for any clue towards resolving this issue.

Kind regards,


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Hi Robert,

Can you please share installation output. And also which version you are trying to install.