Local package is not installing

Hello guys,

I am having Attended license in One VM and I am trying to install new package from local,but can’t able to install in uipath assistant ,It is installing more than usual and not throwing any error it simply keeps loading

What may be the problem here anyone knows?

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It is probably not able to reach the online feeds due to firewall/proxy security. Contact your IT security department and see if that’s the case. If it is, they can whitelist the official repository URL

Actually, it is not connected with the orchestrator
License is added in the studio

I didn’t say anything about Orchestrator. UiPath gets the packages from online feeds. You can see the URLs in Studio, in Manage Packages then Settings.

Oh okay this is new to me thanks for the input

Thank You @postwick

I got my issue resolved after restarting the VM and Restarting the UiRobot Services in the VM


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