UiPath Studio Trial manual activation - not available anymore?

Scenario: When installing UiPath Studio Trial version, the manual activation option is not active. Confirmed by several sources.


Could someone related to UiPath confirm that manual activation is not available anymore for Studio Trial or post a solution? Otherwise, the information provided here is misleading:

Trial is now the same with Community

Ok, that’s fine. Could you please elaborate on information provided here: UiPath where it says “Can be activated offline”. ?

This is very important part as we pitch this information to the clients and their IT people are getting back to us with complaints that it’s not possible to activate UiPath Studio behind the firewall.


Good info, thanks Elvis!

This change severely affects our plan, because we were going to sign on a large volume contract with UiPath but our workstations are behind firewall!

We used older version of Studio for POC and it’s able to be activated offline so we decided to go with UiPath…

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Hi Andrei
How to activate trial version on a VM behind firewall.
Online activation not possible.please help asap