Manual activation

I have downloaded Community editon and want to activate the license.
I need to do Manual Activation because I can not connect to the internet.
However, manual activation is disabled and I can not click on it.
Please help me how to do it.

Is automatic activation (online activation) is enabled if so please proceed with it after end of exception “Manual Activation” tab might get enabled . just a thought :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. However, ‘Manual Activation’ can not be clicked. I want to use it as soon as possible, but I can not find a way.


Any update on thia issue



It’s not an issue, it’s the expected behavior, one of the few limitations of the Community Edition.

Only UiPath Platform(the .msi) can be activated offline.

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Can you please tell how to activate .msi offline because it also installs community and offline is only available in licence . Or tell the rules that need to be in proxy server and firewall for uipath licencing server.


When you requested the trial, didn’t you receive a license code in the email?
To be clear, if you click on “Start free” it will be Community Edition as well, that’s why the manual activation is disabled. Only if you have a valid license key you could then activate it manually.
As for the rules, just whitelist licensing server) and proxy is the default for https.

I have requested three times and never received any mail. Do UIPath send Trial license email.
I will ask security team to white-list this address on firewall. Are you sure only this address is needed because from traces we found many more addresses but not this one.

Can you please guide me how to contact uipath and get a trial license as its bit urgent.

You have to contact the support team. Here you choose Service request - Licensing - High:

Yes I have raised both service request as well as incident but no one replied. Do UiPath have any support or it is just a webpage. Please guide as client will only purchase license after a demo for which I need to do manual activation of trial version on VM.