How to Connect Orchestrator with Ui path Community Edition


I’m using UI Path community edition. Now I want to connect with Orchestrator. How?

the Robot icon is Not showing in toolbar. So is there any setting inside UI Path or Any procedure is there **
** (OR)

1.How to Instal UI Path Robot **
2.Is it Available free?
:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:3.Where it is Available.

****strong textFinally, I want Ui Path Robot, How to install, How to Use, How to Connect Orchestrator with Community Edition

Hi @chinnapureddy03

Did you check the UiPath studio and UiPath Robot .exe in services

Ashwin S

How to check That , can you explain Clearly

Please check this out:
To publish a package and deploy in Orchestrator:

To connect the robot to Orchestrator:

If you haven’t had the chance to take the Orchestrator training, please check out the Academy

Also, here is the video tutorial

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In addition to @PD2’s answer in Academy there is a course for Orchestrator 2018.1.
And you can check this post for the steps and documentation:

Orchestrator CE:

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You have to manually open the Robot tray. Go to %localappdata%\UiPath\UiRobot.exe, double click on it and it will show up in tray.


Thanks for given suggestion, Now i got it

Just to give this post a poll.
This is really confusing when you start to do the 1. video training and the trainer just uses the robot settings without telling you, that you have to start the robot first or how to start it.
i mean its the first video right!? It should not require this knowledge.
Anyway @chinnapureddy03 perfect question and @ovi thanks for giving a simple answer to rookies like me.


You can use Demo Orchestrator to connect Community edition

Hi LarsVader,

Thanks for the feedback. The Academy videos are about to change.

I passed this to product so that for Community Edition it would be easier for a rookie to know how it works.

We are all here to learn and I’m glad you point out where things are not working as expected.

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly, I am not getting UiPath Robot Setting Window. Please refer attached Screenshot. I have done following steps -

  1. Created Tenant
  2. Provision Robot
    Now unable to do next step “connect it to Orchestrator”
    Can anyone pls help me?

share your error

There is no Error, I am not getting the icon of UiPath Robot in the System Tray. Where we can get that?

Thanks for your reply, Now I could see UiRobot icon in System Tray, I resolved above issue with following Steps -
Try pasting the following link into the address bar of your file explorer:

After opening that folder, go ahead and open the most recent subfolder named “app-*”, e.g. “app-17.1.6522”. Within this folder you should be able to locate the “UiRobot.exe” file. Double click it. Check your systems tray and see if the icon appeared.

If that did not do the trick, try the following: hold the “Shift” button down while right clicking on the UiRobot.exe file, and click “Copy as path”. Then, write the following command into a command prompt:

start [PATH] –tray
where [PATH] is replaced with the complete path to the UiRobot.exe file that you copied above, surrounded by quotes “”.

Am also facing the same issue, but am not getting how to open this path because am not finding %localapp% folder anywhere in my system.
could you plz tell me how to open this path ??

Follow this link

thank you

I installed Uipath Studio Enterprise Trial Edition 2018 on a Windows 10 home machine and I am trying to connect a robot to orchestrator community edition (2018) but my robot status is always disconnected in orchestrator

I did the following steps as described in the documentation:

  1. Added a machine in the machines section and retrieved the machine key
  2. Added a standard robot in the robots section (I double checked my credentials and there is no mistake)
  3. Run UipathRobot.exe and checked its status in windows services.
  4. Changed the settings of the Uipath robot and clicked connect.
  5. The robot status shows licensed, connected on my machine but shows disconnected on orchestrator

Can anyone assist me please?


I have the same problem and I have followed the same steps as you - have you found the solution?