Projects not opening xaml archives

Hi!, Im new to UiPath, just started studying it and i just got myself into a little problem that i will try to describe the best I can.

So i made a new project and made a mistake in the name, i went to the project foulder and changed the name(which was a really bad idea xD) cause now it wouldnt open, then i changed the name in the .json file too and it worked the first time i opened it.
Since then EVRY project i try to open doesnt start with all the xaml tabs open, i need to manually open then, i know is not that big of a problem but if someone knows any fix to this it would save me a lot of time in the long run.

Thanks for your time in advance!


Welcome to our UiPath community.

Right click on any xaml file and open with UiPath Studio and select always use this app to open .xaml files.

Yes, the thing is that if there is multiple xaml files in the same project only the one i select opens, not the rest.


Can you please share the screenshot of the project folder and also how it is opening when you trying to open xaml files.

Im trying but it sais there was a problem uploading it and to try again later

I uploaded the pictures in a diferent host, here you have them and thanks for your patience:

As you can see the other xaml archive can be accessed from the left panel but before this bug it would open both the archives at the same time in different tabs

Hello @Alvaro_Rivas ,

Fromthe details which you have shared what I understood is, that you have created a Project with Multiple .xaml files and you need to open all the .xaml files while opening the project. Is that correct?

If that is the requirement we cannot open all the .xaml at once. Instead, you can set which file to open as below