UiPath studio stops responding


I test run autonomous workflow from my state machine, when workflow finishes uipath stops responding. When i check log file at localapps i see that robot finished the job i also receive expected results, But studio is not responding any idea what might be causing this problem? Additionally it takes uipath ages to populate output with logs.

OS Version: windows server 2012r
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

Hi Maciej,

Which UiPath Studio version are you using? Does in happen with many workflows or just the one you described?
Could you go to Event Viewer - > Windows Logs - > Applications and check if there is any log with UiPath source?
Also, a screenshot of the error might help.

Remove/comment out log messages/write lines in tight loops.
UiStudio will consider the robot running until all the output is displayed in it’s console and it can be a real memory hog sometimes.

UIPath is having logs, which is force stopped and execution failed but no logs which is causing uipath slowness.

Hi @chaitanyapbv

Could you please describe your issue with more details? Studio/Robot/OS, is your Robot connected or not to Orchestrator. Do you have the same problem as the initial post? Does it stop responding after execution?


Hi Viorela,

Thanks for the reply, Robot not connected to Orchestrator.

When we are trying to save the code, it is not responding. After the robo execution also it is showing not responding for some time.

OS: Windows 7 64 bit

UiPath Version: 2016.2 and 2017.1




Is it a very complex wf? With lots of flowcharts in flowcharts?

Gabriel, I have a very complex WF, with lots of flowcharts in flowcharts, and when I developer my project doesn’t working, slow and not responding, what’s happening? Because?

Yes, the slowness is caused by the way you have designed your project,i would suggest using invoke workflow activity more, instead of using one complex workflow

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Thanks man, for help.
I’ll correct my WF.

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