Uipath studio - selectors


I have automated a process on test envrionment UI. And it is working fine.
But when it is deployed on Production environment , then it is not working as expected. It is due to the change in some selectors from test to prod UI.

Can anyone help me in knowing that how we can resolve this issue as it is very frequent.

Yes this might be because of selector, what are you automating and what activity are you using? If you think it is because of selector then see once that you should not use ID attribute in your selector if should be generic


I am using element exists activity. And I am not using ID attribute in the selector.
The selector that I am using for finding an element is the combination of aaname and title only.


you can try adding some more attributes along with aaname and title, or try with wildcards. check if this works


See this -

Main.xaml (7.0 KB)

Let me know if it helps