Uipath Studio Proxy setting for calling api's

Hi Everyone,

I am facing one issue in UiPath studio while calling api’s. The api’s perfectly working fine in postman without any issues.
In UiPath studio some settings, blocking to call api’s like proxy. Is there any way to enable custom proxy is UiPath studio? Help me to fix the issue.

UiPath studio version: 2020.10.6

Thanks in Advance


Did you check this


Hi Anil,

This is related UiPath assistant connection issue. I am facing the issue while call the particular url through http actions facing an error.

Note: Same url working fine in postman.


Alternately check this post


Hi @Anil_G

Thanks again. The solution referring mozilla firefox related proxy setting. I am using edge browser so How I can handle this issue?

Note: VB script or other script are not allowed to use in UiPath studio.

Looking for your response :blush:


The solution is not for any firefox…

But yes if you are not allowed to use any code…then as now there is no directly way to use procy in the current http request activity as far as I know

May be try with checking the request again…and validate with postman


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